RAWAN is a Radical Arab Women's Activist Network.  They are a National and Transnational affiliate. 

  • Creative Interventions

    "Our goal is not ending violence.  It is liberation." Beth Richie

    Embracing the values of social justice and liberation, Creative Interventions is a space to re-envision solutions to domestic or intimate partner, sexual, family and other forms of interpersonal violence.

    Creative Interventions assumes that the relationships, families and communities in which violence occurs are also the very locations for long-term change and transformation.  It assumes that those most impacted by violence are the most motivated to challenge violence. It assumes that friends, family, and community know most intimately the conditions that lead to violence as well as the values and strengths which can lead to its transformation.

    Creative Interventions was established as a resource center to create and promote community-based responses to interpersonal violence.

  • Young Women United

    Ywu is a membership led organizing project created by and for young women of color.  We aim to build the leadership and voices of young women of color to create a more just and loving world.  At Young Women United we value critical conversation about important issues in our communities, and appreciate hearing from those that disagree with our views. 

  • Mamas of Color Rising

    Mamas of Color Rising is a collective of working class and poor mothers of color based in and around Austin, TX. We are interested in organizing ourselves and other women/mamas of color around issues with accessing needs like food, housing, education and safety, finding out together what our larger ideal community looks like and building it together.