Working Groups

  • Free Marissa Now

    Marissa Alexander is a black mother of three and survivor of domestic violence from Jacksonville, FL.  In August 2010, she fired a warning shot upwards  into the wall to defend herself from a life-threatening beating from her estranged husband.  She had just given birth to a premature baby nine days before.  Despite the fact that Marissa Alexander caused no injuries and has no previous criminal record, and despite the fact that Florida’s self-defense law includes the right to “Stand Your Ground,” she was subsequently arrested, prosecuted, and sentenced to a mandatory minimum of 20 years in prison.  In September 2013, Marissa won her appeal and her guilty verdict was overturned, but she faces a new trial beginning March 31, 2014 and she is still in prison awaiting her re-trial.

    INCITE! is part of Free Marissa Now, a coalition of organizers and people who have Marissa's back.  We released a statement here:


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  • Rapid Response Working Group

    Rapid Response Working Group is still under development.

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  • Nduva Ndandi Encuentro Working Group

    INCITE & Nduva Ndandi are collaborating on gathering/encuentro in Oaxaca, Mexico in 2014.  Nduva Ndandi is an organization of Mixteca women that originate from diverse communities of the Mixteca Alta and Mixteca Baja regions of the state of Oaxaca, Mexico.  Nduva Ndandi have been working during the past six years on the following themes: Human Right of Women, Sexual and Reproductive rights, Indigenous sovereignty, Traditional Medicine, Gender perspectives, building leadership, and feminicide.  This working group will be organizing a bi-national encounter of women & transpeople of color in the Mixteca Alta region of Mexico with folk from the INCITE! network and our allies with Nduva Ndandi.  The purpose of the gathering is learn and continue to develop horizontal organizing strategies, share skills, & to build a transnational movement to end violence against women & transpeople of color.

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  • Design & Print Media Project

    This working group helps design print media tools to share and give visibility to the amazing campaigns & strategies of the INCITE! network. Members are working to create print media tools such as diy zines, postcards, political art posters, and other related print media for the INCITE! network.  Part of this includes building a network of political artists to learn and share skills, to create a space for the INCITE! network to connect through a collaborative cross-geographical process, and how to bridge the gap between online and offline communications.

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  • Blog Team

    The INCITE! Community Blog Editorial Team manages the INCITE! blog and features items that promote a progressive or radical agenda for women of color, queer/trans people of color, and gender non-conforming people of color. The INCITE! blog has the following goals:

    * Highlight community organizing and cultural production being done by INCITE! community, INCITE! partners, and women of color, queer/trans people of color, and gender non-conforming people of color all over the globe.

    * Integrate images, audio, video, and art into blog posts whenever we can.

    * Assist in organizing efforts by creating a location for cross-communication about events and announcements relevant to our community, as well as sharing organizing resources.

    * Create a space for critical commentary through inviting organizers, scholars, bloggers, artists, etc to do a guest blog with a brief essay, an investigative news report, an interview, an art installment, a video, etc.

  • Media and Communications Working Group

    The Media and Communications Working Group is comprised of National Collective members, affiliates, chapters, and allies.  This working group is building the online and offline tools to develop strategies for communication within and externally to the network. They hold communication between and among Chapters, Affiliates, Working Groups, and National Collective via blog, phone calls, listserv, print media,and social media.  This group currently has three projects: Drupal Team, Blog Team, and Design & Print Media Project

  • Grassroots Fundraising Working Group

    The Grassroots Fundraising Working Group is building grassroots fundraising strategies to raise funds towards more potential gatherings of membership to cross-share skills, ideas and leadership, and to help provide material support for local Chapter and Affiliate work. We see the action of raising monies and sharing resources -- from our political strategies to opening our homes to each other -- as a political practice that transforms how we support each other, leverage resources and build our sustainability for the long term. Through grassroots fundraising, we seek to build our collective capacity, wealth of knowledge and resources for, by and with each other.

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  • Gender Justice Working Group

    The INCITE! Gender Justice Working Group is committed to expanding the online & offline network strategies that challenge gender-policing & transphobia, sharing popular education tools, and building women & transpeople* of color spaces that go beyond the binary system. We are working to develop a broader understanding of what gender justice means and how it intersects with our gender, race, and class. Our goal is to create a national online communication infrastructure to explore the spectrum of gendered states along with dealing with oppressive social constructs.

    gender justice
  • Drupal Team

    The Drupal Team is building a new website and other media tools to share and give visibility to the amazing practices, strategies and resources of our network. Members are working to decentralize and help the INCITE network become more transparent and horizontal in its communication practices.  We believe it is necessary for members of our network to build and maintain our own online communications infrastructure.  Part of this includes building a radical tech support community, teaching and learning digital skills, and creating an online space for the network to connect, all through a collaborative, cross-geographical process.

    To contact us, use the website feedback form on this very site!
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