Become a Member

Interested in joining INCITE! without being part of a regional chapter or organizational affiliate? That's great: read on!

  • Who can be an individual member?

    An individual member of INCITE! should identify as a woman and/or gender non-conforming and/or trans person of color AND express agreement with INCITE!’s Principles of Unity.

  • What are the benefits of participating in INCITE! as an individual member?

    Ability to participate in INCITE! Working Groups and campaigns or actions; Ability to access INCITE! resources for work on INCITE! related projects (e.g. the membership toolkit, Law Enforcement Violence toolkit, Gaza action propaganda); Connection to a nationwide base of INCITE! members and their allies; Occasional financial support to travel to conferences and network gatherings; A 50% discount on INCITE! publications and materials.

  • What are the benefits of having an individual membership structure to INCITE!?

    Individual membership creates an opportunity for people to become involved with INCITE! who cannot participate in a chapter or affiliate; Diverse pathways for participation increases accessibility, widens the reach, and builds the capacity of INCITE! networks and projects; Formal membership creates mutual expectations and commitments for individuals and the broader INCITE! network, which strengthens everyone’s work.

  • What are my responsibilities and obligations as an individual member?

    INCITE! asks members to commit to two or more of the following political actions each year: Participate in INCITE! Working Group/s, Campaign/s, or Network Gathering/s; Distribute INCITE! political material (e.g. posters, stickers, leaflets); Sign on to letters of support; Commit to sharing skills (e.g. graphic design, facilitation, update website, accounting, fundraising, grant writing) with members of the INCITE! network; Participate in the blog and/or social media conversations; Help with INCITE! fundraising; Help with tabling at conferences or events.

  • How can I be accountable and meet my responsibilities as an individual member?

    We ask individual members to give the INCITE! network quarterly updates about your individual membership responsibilities either by writing to the INCITE! national email,, or by posting on INCITE!’s Facebook Community News wall.

    Additionally, INCITE! will organize quarterly conference calls for the entire INCITE! network as a non-internet way to update each other while providing a space for Q&A. We will post more details about that soon!

  • How do individual members stay connected to the broader INCITE! network?

    Individual members are encouraged to communicate with INCITE! working groups, the national collective, and via social network sites and blogs.

  • Who represents INCITE!?

    Individual, Working Group, Chapter, Affiliate, National Collective members should only speak as a “representative of INCITE!” about INCITE! work with which they are directly involved. For example, you're welcome to speak on behalf of the Working Group you're part of, but should refer questions about distant chapters to the INCITE! website. We ask that we all honor the values of thoughtfulness, transparency, and mutual accountability when we speak on behalf of and about INCITE!. The network is vast and we continue to strive to improve communication across INCITE! formations and individuals.

  • Can I still be an individual member if there is already a chapter or affiliate in my city?

    Yes. We acknowledge that there will be different strategies or work that individuals may prefer to focus on than their local chapter or affiliate. As long as both entities’ work is in sync with INCITE!’s principles, we support the existence of both the chapter/affiliate and individual member within the same city with the hope of potential collaborations between the chapter and non-chapter INCITE! members to build a strong network of radical women and trans people of color in their local area.

  • Joining Steps: I am interested in becoming an individual member; now what do I do?

    Either contact the National Collective directly ( or fill out and submit the membership application form. Please specify your possible interest in a Working Group, campaign, action, or call. We will contact you via email to set up your membership orientation.

  • Exit Steps: It’s been great y’all, but peace out...

    If, for whatever reason, you would like to leave the INCITE! Network, we ask that you:

    1. Contact INCITE! National Collective via (,

    2. Wrap-up any collaborative work and reporting necessary for projects or grants, and

    3. Share digital copies of any project resources and materials with the National Collective to archive for future organizing resources.

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