Conference CDs, Videos, and Proceedings

Conference CDs, Videos & Proceedings

INCITE! has materials from the following national conferences.

In 2000, INCITE! co-founders organized Color of Violence: Violence Against Women of Color in Santa Cruz, CA, the conference that helped to establish INCITE!. (Learn more about how this conference came about.)  In addition to videos, the COV I Conference Proceedings is available for free download.

In 2002, INCITE organized Color of Violence II: Building A Movement in Chicago, IL. COV II builded on the excitement and vision from the first COV conference and focused on strategies for building a grassroots movement of women of color working for peace and justice. ORDER INFO COMING SOON! In the meantime, download this amazing article in off our backs that reflects the conversations and ideas from the conference.

In 2004, INCITE! and the UC Santa Barbara Women’s Studies Department hosted the exciting conference, The Revolution Will Not Be Funded: Beyond The Non-Profit Industrial Complex. Featuring dynamic speakers with a broad range of experience in grassroots organizing, this conference addressed the impact of the non-profit industrial complex on revolutionary movement building.

In 2005, INCITE! organized Color of Violence III: Stopping The War on Women of Color in New Orlean, LA. The first COV conference that was based in a neighborhood rather than a school, the sessions focused on building the capacity of women of color to organize deeply to stop the militarized attacks on our bodies and our communities. ORDER INFO COMING SOON! In the meantime, download this article from off our backs which is a great summary of thinking and organizing within the conference.

In 2015, COV4 Color of Violence 4 -- Beyond the State: Inciting Transformative Possibilities brought people together in Chicago to mark INCITE!'s 15-year anniversary.


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