Join a Working Group

Interested in joining an INCITE! Working Group? Read on! Note: you must be an active INCITE! member in order to participate in working groups.

  • What is a Working Group?

    Working Groups form when two or more chapters, affiliates and/or individual members start working together on projects that connect organizing efforts across geographic areas and it is clear that the working group issue falls within INCITE’s mission (please see Criteria for INCITE! projects). A Working Group may be infrastructural (e.g. Media and Communications, Grassroots Fundraising, or Drupal Working Group) or issue-based (e.g. Birthing and Community Care-giving, Community Accountability, Militarism and Law Enforcement Violence, etc).

  • What are the benefits of participating in INCITE! as a Working Group?

    Create a space or forum for folks across the network who want to link up on integral issues and infrastructural organizing skillshare, collaborations, actions, and campaigns

    Ability to leverage local work nationally and leverage national work locally

    Fundraise for specific issues or infrastructure projects that impact the wider network and beyond

    Provides folks who are doing political work with an INCITE! lens with a forum to engage together around concrete projects and the movement

    A way to multiply capacity to address many issues

  • What are the benefits of having a Working Group structure to INCITE!?

    Lift up people organizing on the ground to drive INCITE!’s analysis and work

    Diverse pathways for participation increases accessibility, widens the reach, and builds the capacity of INCITE! networks and projects

    Builds stronger community through collaborative spaces that engage all members of the network

  • What are my responsibilities and obligations to a Working Group?

    Each working group has their own criteria for responsibilities & obligations. Please contact the working group directly for their criteria in addition to the following:

    To follow the INCITE! Principles of Unity

    To strive for accountability to the INCITE! network and the women, transgender and gender non-conforming people of color directly affected by the WG issue in the formation, projects and closing out of the WG when it ends.

  • How do Working Groups stay connected to the broader INCITE! network?

    Stay in touch with individuals, chapters, affiliates, and the national collective via social networks sites and blogs. For example via facebook, wordpress blog, etc.

  • What are current INCITE! Working Groups?

    Visit the Working Groups listing to learn about what groups are currently active.

Sound good?  Fill out the Working Group membership application.