The Revolution Will Not Be Funded Conference

"I want us all to be real creative about our tactics and strategies to dismantle the empire."

- Joo-Hyun Kang, The Revolution Will Not Be Funded, 2004

In April 2004, INCITE! and the UC Santa Barbara Women’s Studies Department hosted the exciting conference, The Revolution Will Not Be Funded: Beyond The Non-Profit Industrial Complex. Featuring dynamic speakers with a broad range of experience in grassroots organizing, this conference addressed the impact of the non-profit industrial complex on revolutionary movement building.

We recorded the conference proceedings and are now offering CDs featuring the critical presentations made at this conference. Activists and organizers spoke to the following issues at this important event:

  • What is the history of how the non-profit model developed, and what reasons did it develop? How did it impact the direction of social justice organizing?
  • How has funding from foundations impacted the course of social justice movements?
  • How does 501(c)3 status impact social justice organizations' relationship to the state? How does non-profit status allow the state to co-opt our movements?
  • Are there ways the non-profit model can be used subversively to support more radical visions for social change?
  • What are the alternatives for building viable social justice movements? How do we fund the movement outside the non-profit structure?
  • What models for organizing outside the NGO/non-profit model exist outside the U.S. that may help us?

Don't miss the insights and ideas presented by the visionary speakers at this conference!

There are five CDs from the conference. They are $12 each, but if you order all five, you can have the set for $55. Below is a description of issues addressed in each session and speakers featured on each CD and an order form. Details about the CDs are below.

Also, learn more about the anthology from this conference and about the on-going discussion and planning that this conference helped to inspire!

The Revolution Will Not Be Funded:
Beyond The Non-Profit Industrial Complex
April 30 - May 1, 2004
University of California-Santa Barbara

Social Justice Movements and Non-Profits - Historical Context 

These speakers address the impact of the non-profit/NGO model on social justice movements in the U.S. and globally. What were some of the organizing models of both anti-violence and other social justice movements prior to the growth of the non-profit model? Can these models inform our organizing today? How has the non-profit model shifted the focus of the anti-violence movement from organizing to social service delivery? What has been the impact of the NGO model on organizing in non-U.S. countries? What can we learn from models that come out of a non-U.S. context?

Disc One
Track 1: Ruthie Gilmore, Critical Resistance (21:37) 
Track 2: Suzanne Pharr, Highlander Center (15:12)

Disc Two
Track 1:
 Madonna Thunder Hawk, Women of All Red Nations (11:57) 
Track 2: Adjoa Jones de Almeida, Sista II Sista (17:06) 
Track 3: Paula Rojas (Chile), Sista II Sista (16:15) 
Tracks 4-9: Questions & Answers (30:15)

What is the Non-Profit Industrial Complex? 

These speakers address the relationship between the non-profit system, capitalism, and the state. How do foundations function as form of structural adjustments which actually take money from the poor to benefit the wealthy classes? How has the NGO model served to promote U.S. imperialism abroad? How has the non-profit system allowed the state to co-opt social justice struggles? In particular, how has reliance on foundation and state funding impacted the anti-violence movement?

Disc Three
Track 1:
 Dylan Rodriguez, Critical Resistance (18:03) 
Track 2: Christine Ahn, National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, and author of "Foundation Trustee Fees: Use and Abuse" (20:14) 
Track 3: Surina Kahn, former director of the International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission (16:46) 
Track 4: Anannya Bhattacharjee, World Social Forum-India (22:00)

Alternatives to the Non-Profit Model 

These organizations discuss their attempts to struggle within the non-profit system. What are the alternatives to foundation funding? Are there ways to work within the non-profit model and use it subversively for radial political goals? How have movements in other countries reframed this issues that might be informative to social justice organizations within the U.S. How do anti-violence organizations who do receive federal, state or foundation monies struggle with doing anti-violence work within a radical political framework?

Disc Four
Track 1:
 Sisters In Action For Power, Portland, OR (16:33) 
Track 2: CREA, India (14:08) 
Track 3: Communities Against Rape & Abuse (CARA), Seattle, WA (10:38) 
Track 4: CARA, Seattle, WA (4:53) 
Track 5: CARA, Seattle, WA (3:43) 
Track 6: Project South, Atlanta, GA (6:16) 
Track 7: Project South, Atlanta, GA (6:44) 
Track 8: Sista II Sista, Brooklyn, NY (16:09)

Closing Plenary: Next Steps

Disc Five
Track 1:
 Report Back From Work Groups: Ruthie Gilmore (3:15) 
Track 2: Closing Speaker: Joo-Hyun Kang, Astraea Lesbian Foundation For Justice (7:47) 
Track 3: Closing Speaker: Joo-Hyun Kang, Astraea Lesbian Foundation For Justice (5:07) 
Track 4: Closing Speaker: Joo-Hyun Kang, Astraea Lesbian Foundation For Justice (7:53)

Please download one of the order forms below and send the form and your payment to the address on the form. Thank you!

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For more information about ideas and strategies that came out of this conference, please check out INCITE!'s anthology, The Revolution Will Not Be Funded: Beyond The Non-Profit Industrial Complex, or take a look at our resource page on this issue area.


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