Start a Chapter

Our chapters are created to bring together awesome, kick-ass gender non-conforming, trans, and non trans people and women of color to form a community collective.*

  • What is a Chapter?

    A local collective of INCITE! members who band together around shared political views, interests, and actions. Members of INCITE! should identify as a woman and/or gender non-conforming and/or trans person of color AND express agreement with INCITE!’s core principles/statement (attached).

  • What are the benefits of participating in INCITE! as a Chapter?

    Connection to a nationwide base of INCITE! members and their allies; Personal support from a member of the National Collective (NC). This relationship is really important in order for NC to communicate and support the work of Chapters and also for Chapters to share their work with NC and make requests for support; Ability to participate on INCITE! Working Groups and campaigns/actions; Grassroots fundraising training and support.

    Unlike Affiliates, Chapters are not independent organizations with paid staff. And unlike Working Groups, Chapters are generally not formed around a single issue. Because they are primarily, geographically based in organization, they rely much more heavily than the former two entities on Grassroots fundraising practices to stay afloat. For more information on different strategies on Grassroots Fundraising see Chapter Models and contact other Chapters as well as your National Collective rep to share resources and offer advice.

    Media/Communications training and support; Access to INCITE! t-shirts; a copy of the Law Enforcement Violence tookit, the Color of Violence and The Revolution will not be Funded books, and posters; Ability to access INCITE! resources for work on INCITE! related projects such  as  the  membership  toolkit,  Law Enforcement Violence toolkit, Gaza action  information and more

    •    Assistance  on  finding  mediation  for  infrastructural   or interpersonal issues

  • What are the benefits of having a chapter membership structure to INCITE!?

    •    Provide a space for people to support each other and work on radical projects locally

    •    Opportunities for people to become involved with INCITE! Working Groups, Affiliate, National Collective, and Individual networks;

    •    Diverse pathways for participation increases accessibility, widens the reach, and builds the capacity of INCITE! networks and projects;

    •    Formal membership creates mutual expectations and commitments for individuals and the broader INCITE! network which strengthens everyone's work

  • What are the responsibilities and obligations for chapter membership?

    •    Get cozy with your National Collective Representative. Use the Chapter-Affiliate Self Assessment document as a tool to discuss Chapter development with your NC representative, so they know how best to provide or help find necessary support

    •    Engage in transformative local actions and projects

    •    Speak Up! Weigh in on important topics, share your work, and post on the INCITE! Blog and mixed media forums

    •    Represent  INCITE!  at  conferences,  meetings,  and  such (please see more on representation below)

    •    Collaborate on awesome kick-ass radical projects with other community organizations and within the INCITE!  Network (Affiliates,  Working  Groups  and  Individuals.)

    •    Grassroots Fundraising Campaigns. Work with the INCITE! Network to raise funds for your own and network wide projects

    •    Archive and share self-generated organizing resources

  • How  do  chapters  stay  connected  to  the  broader INCITE! network (i.e. working groups, affiliates, national collective, blogs, social network sites, email listserv)?

    Chapters are encouraged to communicate and collaborate with the larger INCITE! Network via participation in working groups and  sharing  updates  with  the  network,  national  collective ( and via social networks sites and blogs. For example via facebook (, wordpress blog, etc.

    Chapters may join current Incite! Working Groups or start a new one!  And you may browse the list of current active Working Groups.

  • Who represents INCITE!?

    Individual, Working Group, Chapter, Affiliate, National Collective members should only speak as a “representative of INCITE!” about INCITE! work with which they are directly involved.

    For example, let's say Maya is an individual member of INCITE! and  a  member  of   the  Media  and  Communications  Working Group. She can represent INCITE! regarding the women and trans people of color track at the Allied Media Conference, which is a project of the Media Working Group, because she is directly involved  with  this  work.   However,  she  shouldn't  represent INCITE! LA chapter, because she isn't a member of that chapter. She can, however, refer people to INCITE!s website for more info about the LA chapter.

    We  ask  that  we  all  honor  the  values  of  thoughtfulness, transparency,  and  mutual  accountability  when  we  speak  on behalf of and about INCITE! The network is vast and we continue to strive to improve communication across INCITE! formations and individuals.

  • Where are existing Chapters?

    Visit the list of active Chapters to learn where there are current Incite! chapters.

  • What are the steps to get a new Chapter off the ground?

    Step 1: Contact Awesome Radical Peeps. Publicize through various networks of women, trans and gender non-conforming people of color that you want to start a chapter!

    Step 2: Make it a Party. Have an initial gathering in which everyone runs through the Checklist for Joining INCITE! If at the end of that meeting, you have three women, transgender, or gender non-conforming people of color who are in alignment with the checklist and principles and want to start a chapter, woo-hoo!

    Step 3: Introduce Yourselves. Make contact with the National

    Collective ( and introduce yourselves. NC will  assign  a  representative  to  help  guide  you  through  the Chapter Development Plan.

    Step 4: Start Meeting! Determine which kind of chapter you want to be and what kind of work you want to do. Consult NC Rep for guidance on how to facilitate an initial Chapter Retreat to create and file a Chapter Development Plan.

    Step 5: Map Your Collective and Plan the Work. Use the Chapter Development plan tool in the Structure Handbook. Familiarize yourselves with INCITE! Structure, and Chapter roles and responsibilities. Invite a facilitator to guide you through a start-up retreat.

  • How do Chapters request support from the National Collective?

    Speak  with  your  National  Collective  representative.  This  is especially important if your organization may be going on hiatus. The rep will help guide you through the specific support request process. Submit your requests to your NC rep and the National Collective at

  • Exit Steps: It’s  been  great  y’all  but  peace  out

    If a Chapter has decided for whatever reason it does not or can no longer be a part of the INCITE! Network, we ask that the following steps are observed:

    Step   1:   Contact   and   perform   an   exit   interview   with   a representative   from   the   National   Collective.   It’s   generally preferred this meeting take place in person. All paperwork can be sorted   and   remnant   INCITE!   merchandise   and   organizing materials can be picked up

    Step 2: Wrap up any collaborative work and reporting necessary for projects and grants

    Step  3:  Share  digital  copies  of  any  project  resources  and materials  with  the  National  Collective  to  archive  for  future organizing resources

    Step 4: National Collective will publish a summary/closing blog post,  documenting  and  honoring  the  contributions  and  work accomplished by the Chapter

Sound good? Fill out the new chapter application.